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"You won't like me when I'm psychoanalysed."

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“A thrill of pride passed through her, and at the same time a faint sensation of contempt for a man who could love so slavishly.”


When King Arthur heard of the coming of Guenever and the hundred knights with the Table Round, then King Arthur made great joy for her coming, and that rich present, and said openly, “This fair lady is passing welcome unto me, for I have loved her long, and therefore there is nothing so leve to me.”


'Some people would have waited until their advertisements were answered, or until parties came forward and volunteered information.'

Hey, Arthur, is this cause I called Sherlock a raging homosexual? Is this you calling me a prostitute/whore for that?

Posted on Jun 14, 2012
Tagged: #Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - trolling in the future

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    was a big deal until one day in seventh grade when a girl asked him point-blank, “Are you gay?” teehee
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    Below you will find a sentence that was...polish to english from Lord of
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    “This failed to drive Buck from his prostrate rival, and the butt of the whip was brought into play.” - The Call of the...
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    “Winter in Auschwitz was not friendly to the Jews.” (Yup … that just happened.)
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    longest lasting tropical cyclone hurricane/typhoon john(niall) formed on august 11
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